Student Sponsorships

Cultivating opportunities for learning and growth.

In addition to the Baker Future Fellows and the Georgetown Baker Negotiation Network, the Baker Center cultivates the next generation of leaders by sponsoring Georgetown student events and initiatives. We are proud to support several graduate and undergraduate student organizations that foster experiential learning and engagement with the Georgetown community and beyond.

Do you participate in a student-led initiative at Georgetown that works to tackle a social, political or policy challenge? If so, the Baker Center wants to hear from you. Contact us at

McCourt Policy Conference

The McCourt Policy Conference is organized each year by McCourt School of Public Policy students to discuss pressing and complex policy issues. The conference attracts prominent academics and policymakers as speakers and a diverse audience from the nation’s top policy schools, non-profits, and government institutions.

The Baker Center was a sponsor of the 2018 Policy Conference, “Free Trade and American Prosperity,” which was held on February 8-9, 2018.


The BRAVE Summit is a summit pioneered by black women Georgetown students that honors and centers black women/femmes. The BRAVE summit was founded in the fall of 2015 by three Georgetown alumni. The summit brings together women leaders and participants for a day long conference structured around panels and break-out sessions. Through student collaboration, the summit aims to continue the conversation of equity in terms of race and gender, and not only work to improve the climate around these issues at Georgetown, but beyond the front gates.

The Baker Center was a sponsor of the third annual BRAVE Summit, recognizing the work and accomplishments of black women (the first in the nation) on March 17th, 2018.

Georgetown Public Policy Review

The Baker Center is a sponsor of the Georgetown Public Policy Review‘s 2018-19 Spring Theme Launch, featuring a keynote address by Frank McCourt, Jr.

Each year, GPPR brings together leading policymakers, journalists, economists, and business leaders to collaborate and discuss pressing topics centered around a particular theme.


We are proud to sponsor Diamante during their Fall 2018 season. Diamante is a fashion show featuring activism, fashion, and talent through a multi-racial and multi-ethnic lens. Diamante strives to celebrate diversity, represent the entire student body, and push the artistic envelope on campus.

In their own words, Diamante “aims to both reveal and inspire…Just as our participants are at the top or on the rise, so too is our audience. We believe the brilliance of every diamond is meant to complement the shine of another, not to dull. The top is not an easy place to get to, nor is it an easy place to be. With messages of hate and media projections that exacerbate insecurities, inhibitions, and isolation from the true source of happiness all proliferating in everyday life. It is obvious there is a force that is trying to stop many of us from reaching ourselves- from climbing our own mountains and standing on our own peak: In a phrase: reclaiming our crown. Diamante seeks to be the kryptonite to that force—a shining source of inspiration that with its brilliance allows you to see through the fog of doubt cast upon you….that allows you to reclaim your crown. This show aims to take you to the top, the top of justice, the top of glamour, the top of diversity, and the top of yourself.”