October 2017

The San Francisco Baker Forum

A Summit on Artificial Intelligence

On October 17, 2017, the Baker Center for Leadership & Governance convened leading practitioners from corporations, investment firms, startups, government and politics, academia and nonprofit organizations to explore the impacts of artificial intelligence. Our goal was to promote candid dialogue and debate; as a result, all discussions were off the record and not for attribution.

About 40 participants took part in four breakout sessions:

The Impacts of Artificial Intelligence on Cybersecurity
Artificial Intelligence’s Impacts on Global and Individual Economic Security
Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Warfare
Artificial Intelligence and Public Policy

Thought leaders with extensive experience in their respective fields led the sessions: Chris Kelly, Georgetown alum and former chief privacy officer at Facebook; R.P. Eddy, CEO of Ergo, an intelligence firm, and a former director of the White House Security Council under Clinton; Nick Beim, partner at investment firm Venrock; and Roy Bahat, head of Bloomberg Beta. A facilitated lunch discussion followed, during which participants discussed the broader challenge of diminishing trust in key institutions and how trust could be restored.

"By bringing together thought leaders on topics like artificial intelligence, the Baker Center is making an invaluable contribution to understanding and tackling the difficult challenges facing our society."

Chris Lu, Former U.S. Deputy Secretary of Labor

Below is the list of participants who took part in the San Francisco Baker Forum:

  • Roy Bahat – Head, Bloomberg Beta. Co-Chair, Shift Commission on Work, Workers, and Technology. Lecturer, UC Berkeley. Fmr. President, IGN Entertainment. Fmr. Vice President, News Corp. [San Francisco]
  • Michael Bailey –  Interim Dean, McCourt School of Public Policy, Georgetown University. Colonel William J. Walsh Professor of American Government. [Washington D.C.]
  • Jon Baker  – Founder, Chair & CEO, International Planning Group. [Boston]
  • Nick Beim – Partner, Venrock. [New York]
  • Hans-Christian Boos – Founder & CEO, arago GmbH. [Frankfurt]
  • Tyler Carbone – Chief Product Officer & Head of Customer Success, Terbium Labs. [Washington D.C.]
  • James Cham – Partner, Bloomberg Beta. [San Francisco]
  • Jack Clark – Strategy and Communications Director, OpenAI. [San Francisco]
  • Allan Dafoe – Assistant Professor, Yale University. Co-Director, Governance of AI Program, Future of Humanity Institute, University of Oxford. [New Haven]
  • Ken Denman – Venture Partner, Sway Ventures. Fmr. CEO, Emotient (Acquired by Apple). Fmr. CEO of Openwave. Fmr. CEO of iPass. [San Francisco/Denver/Seattle]
  • R.P. Eddy – CEO, Ergo. CEO, Four Rivers (Myanmar). Co-Author, Warnings: Finding Cassandras to Stop Catastrophes. Fmr. Director, White House National Security Council. Fmr. Senior Advisor to UN Secretary General. [New York]
  • Rodney Faraon – Partner, Crumpton Group. President, Aardwolf Creative. [Washington D.C.]
  • Scott Handler – Academy Professor & Director, International Affairs Program, West Point. Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army. [New York]
  • Auren Hoffman – CEO, SafeGraph. Fmr. CEO and founder of LiveRamp (Acquired by Acxiom). Curator, Dialog Retreat. [San Francisco]
  • Colin Kahl – Associate Professor, Security Studies Program, Georgetown University’s Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service. Fmr. Deputy Asst. to President Obama and National Security Advisor to Vice President Biden. [Washington D.C.]
  • Chris Kelly – Founder, Kelly Investments. Fmr. Chief Privacy Officer, Facebook. Georgetown Graduate. [San Francisco]
  • Chris Kirchhoff –  Partner, DIUx. Fmr. Director of Strategic Planning, National Security Council. [Mountain View]
  • Cary Kochman – Head of North American Mergers & Acquisition, Citigroup. Co-Head of the Chicago Office. [Chicago]
  • Harry Holzer – LaFarge SJ Professor, McCourt School of Public Policy, Georgetown University. Nonresident Senior Fellow in Economic Studies, Brookings Institution. [Washington D.C.]
  • Chris Lu – Senior Strategy Advisor, FiscalNote. Senior Fellow, University of Virginia Miller Center. Fmr. U.S. Deputy Secretary of Labor. Fmr. Asst. to President Obama and White House Cabinet Secretary. Fmr. Executive Director, Obama-Biden 2008 Transition. [Washington D.C.]
  • Christopher Manning – Professor, Computer Science & Linguistics, Stanford University. [Palo Alto]
  • Anja Manuel – Co-Founder & Partner, RiceHadleyGates LLC. Fmr. U.S. Department of State Official. Author, This Brave New World: India, China and the United States. [San Francisco]
  • Evan McMullin – Co-CEO, Stand Up Republic. [Washington D.C.]
  • Leo Meyerovich – CEO, Graphistry. [San Francisco]
  • Nuala O’Connor – President & CEO, Center for Democracy & Technology. Fmr. Chief Privacy Officer, U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security, U.S. Dept. of Commerce, Amazon, DoubleClick, and General Electric. Georgetown Law Graduate. [Washington D.C.]
  • Michael Shim – Managing Member, True North Cos., Founder & Investor. Georgetown Graduate and Co-President, Georgetown Tech Alliance. [San Francisco]
  • Dawn Song – Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, UC Berkeley. [San Francisco]
  • Trae Stephens – Partner, Founders Fund. Georgetown Graduate and Member, Georgetown Tech Alliance. [San Francisco]
  • Helen Toner – Senior Research Analyst, Open Philanthropy Project. [San Francisco]
  • David Vladeck – Faculty Director, Georgetown Institute for Technology Law & Policy. Fmr. Director, Federal Trade Commission Bureau of Consumer Protection. [Washington D.C.]
  • Steve Weber – Professor, School of Information and Department of Political Science. Faculty Director, Berkeley Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity. [Berkeley]
  • Lan Xuezhao  – Founding Partner, Basis Set Ventures. Fmr. Head of Corporate Development Strategy, Dropbox. [San Francisco]