Paula Santos

Undergraduate Assistant

Paula is a Sociology major in College in the class of 2019 and works as our undergraduate assistant, focusing on social media outreach. Paula was born in Colombia and raised in Miami, Florida. In 2016, she transferred as a sophomore from Miami-Dade College. On campus, Paula sits on the board for the Diamante fashion show and Hermanas club. She is also a part of the Groove Theory dance team, Georgetown Scholarship Program, and Por Colombia, a society that seeks to promote Colombian culture. In her free time, Paula enjoys dancing, taking photos, and learning about new cultures. Last semester, Paula studied abroad at Georgetown’s Villa le Balze program in the outskirts of Florence, Italy. With a deep passion for traveling, Paula has been a US-Brazil Connect fellow where she taught English to high school students in Brazil. Paula has also backpacked through Eastern Europe and Colombia. Paula hopes to land a career in marketing within the entertainment industry.