Baker News · In The News · News April 4, 2017

Decoding Government Impact: A Discussion with Centre for Public Impact

by Baker Center

On Monday, April 3rd, the Baker Center for Leadership & Governance was delighted to host the Centre for Public Impact, a not-for-profit foundation founded by the Boston Consulting Group. Danny Buerkli, CPI Programme Director, and Amy Noonan, CPI’s Senior External Relations Coordinator, met with students and professors from the McCourt School of Public Policy to discuss CPI’s Public Impact Fundamentals framework.

Danny presented the three pillars of the CPI framework — Legitimacy, Policy and Action — and illustrated how to use CPI’s rubric to assess the likely success or failure of policies across levels of government. Students asked questions about the practical implications of the framework and how to tap into CPI’s case study database, The Public Impact Observatory, which houses hundreds of case studies on diverse topics such as technology, energy, health and infrastructure.

Students left the discussion lunch with a new, simple method to measure successful policy outcomes that they can use in their academic research and throughout their future policy careers.