Jake Ford

About Jake

(Master in Public Policy, Class of 2018)
Jake grew up in Apollo, Pennsylvania, a rural county outside of Pittsburgh. He graduated from Allegheny College in 2014, majoring in mathematics. Afterwards, he began work as a financial analyst in Arlington, Virginia. After two years and looking to transfer into work focused on education policy and income mobility, he enrolled in the McCourt School of Public Policy in the fall of 2016. In his spare time, Jake enjoys attempting to mimic his favorite blues guitarists, searching for the perfect homemade bread recipe, and traveling around the world.

Jacob’s Project

Jake is focusing on job and income security through a proposal to connect existing businesses, firms, and nonprofits directly with high schools, providing an ‘internship bank’ where students will be able to search and apply for jobs in their field of interest. By providing students work experience where opportunities may not have existed previously, particularly in economically disadvantaged districts, a tool for career engagement and building will be established, reducing truancy and building upon the security of the workforce of our future.

Jake’s Advisor

Harry Holzer

Harry Holzer joined the McCourt School (then known as the Georgetown Public Policy Institute) as Professor of Public Policy in the Fall of 2000. He served as Associate Dean from 2004 through 2006 and was Acting Dean in the Fall of 2006. He is also currently an Institute Fellow at the American Institutes for Research, a Nonresident Senior Fellow at Brookings, a Senior Affiliate at the Urban Institute, and a Research Affiliate of the Institute for Research on Poverty at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. He has also been a faculty director of the Georgetown Center on Poverty, Inequality and Public Policy. He received his BA (1978) and Ph.D. (1983) in Economics from Harvard University.