Next-gen skills for the next generation of leaders.

The Baker Center for Leadership & Governance is committed to restoring faith in the core institutions of our society.

But this important work will not be done overnight. We recognize the need to invest in the next generation of leaders in government, business, media, nonprofits and the faith community.

The Baker Center provides opportunities for Georgetown students to develop the innovative skills and knowledge they need to be more effective leaders in their future roles. Through engaging hands-on workshops and programs, the Baker Center fills a practical skills gap between the classroom and the boardroom, training students in cutting edge competencies like negotiation and conflict resolution, management and communications, and cultural intelligence.


Leadership Roundtable Series

During the 2017-2018 academic year, the Baker Center is hosting a series of talks and workshops for Georgetown students in three critical areas of leadership development:

Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

Our Georgetown Baker Negotiation Network provides an interdisciplinary platform for students to develop analytical and practical skills in negotiation and dispute resolution and build relationships with high-level practitioners in the areas of policy, advocacy, business and diplomacy.

Management and Communications

We enhance students’ ability to effectively communicate with and lead others, delving into skills like public speaking, project management, stakeholder management and other critical areas.

Cultural Intelligence

We provide unique opportunities for students to broaden their cultural understanding through experiential learning trips. In an increasingly global age, our future leaders will benefit immensely from the ability to engage constructively with people from cultures, backgrounds and perspectives far different from our own.