Baker News November 9, 2018

Baker Roundup – October 2018

by the Baker Center team

American Institutional Confidence Poll Released, Discussing Fringe Diplomacy Over Dinner, and Reception with Frank McCourt

The Baker Center continued its programming during the month of October with two separate events oriented towards our mission to develop students’ leadership capacities and ability to hold different perspectives on critical issues.

Measuring the amount of confidence Americans have in their institutions

We were delighted to release the 2018 American Institutional Confidence Poll. The survey, released in conjunction with the Knight Foundation found that political affiliation is the main driver of Americans’ satisfaction with democracy and confidence in our institutions.

The survey’s findings reveal that satisfaction with our democracy is driven by party affiliation rather than by race, education level, age, or any other demographic characteristic. This suggests that there is not a shift away from democracy, but rather a shift towards hyper-polarization.

Check out the Washington Post’s Monkey Cage blog post on the American Institutional Confidence Poll to find out more!

Discussing high-stakes negotiations over dinner

On October 16, we hosted a GBNN dinner featuring Mickey Bergman, Vice President and Senior Advisor at the Richardson Center.  At the dinner, Mickey relayed stories from his 15+ years of experience in strategic diplomacy. Mickey coined the phrase “fringe diplomacy” to describe his work outside traditional government channels working to resolve tense hostage and other politically sensitive situations.

He talked about times where he had to deal directly with North Korean officials and other high-stakes and emotional discussions he had been a part of.  One student appreciated “Mickey’s honesty and the details in his stories,” which for them was “like being a fly on the wall during the negotiations.”

GPPR Reception with Frank McCourt

Georgetown alumnus Frank McCourt was the honorary guest and keynote speaker at the Georgetown Public Policy Review (GPPR)’s Spring Launch event on October 2, announcing their theme for the 2018-2019 Spring Edition. In his keynote, McCourt urged people to rethink governance, considering new approaches to public policy in a new era of global and domestic governance.


Thank you to all of our student participants, guests, and event facilitators! We look forward to welcoming new and returning students for future programming.