Frequently Asked Questions

The Baker Innovation Grant

What is the Baker Center for Leadership & Governance?

Housed in the McCourt School of Public Policy, the Baker Center for Leadership & Governance is focused on promoting collaboration between institutions, restoring trust in them, and cultivating the next generation of leaders.

Who is eligible for the BIG?

Full-time or part-time McCourt students who will be enrolled in a degree program during the January 2017-January 2018 time frame.

What is the time commitment?

Innovators will be expected to attend seminars/workshops two Fridays per month, ranging from 3-5 hours each. It is estimated that they will spend 5 additional hours each week focusing on their project, exploring leadership on their own, and participating in an experiential education approach of their choice.

What is the compensation?

Recipients of the Baker Innovation Grant will receive $20,000, paid out three times over the course of the year.

What deliverables will the Innovators be expect to submit?

Over the course of the year, Innovators will submit an Executive Summary and a Proposal for their solution, as well as an in-depth submission of their solution for the Baker Brief. Prior to the pitch event and the Baker Forum, students will also be expected to submit their presentation for review. Additionally, there will be brief reflection papers focused on leadership throughout the year (to include reflection on informational interviews and leadership workshops/seminars).

Format of the Baker Forum presentation

Innovators are welcome to format their presentation at the Baker Forum in whatever way they would like, it is an opportunity for students to tap into their innovation and creativity.

Who will be offering the leadership workshops?

We will include leadership experts from the Georgetown community and beyond.

What are the components of the BIG?

Attend monthly discussions on rebuilding trust, promoting collaboration between major institutions, and challenging the status quo. Receive leadership coaching and explore leadership through multiple lenses. Spend Spring Break visiting a city that has shown extraordinary ability to tackle problems and reimagine solutions. Spend a year fine-tuning your solution to a problem, present your solution at the Baker Forum, and pitch your solution to experts.

What is the Baker Center’s focus for 2017-2018?

Many people have lost the sense of security that they once felt in their daily lives. In 2017, the Baker Center for Leadership & Governance will tackle the theme of “Restoring a Sense of Security.” Through our programming, the Baker Center will explore various aspects of security and insecurity. How did we get here? What can be done? How do we instill the sense of security that has slowly, but clearly eroded? How can we, together, restore a sense of security — whether it be on a global, social, physical, technological, economic, or more fundamental scale — and in so doing restore trust in the institutions designed to protect us.