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About The Baker Center

The Baker Center tackles policy challenges and cultivates future leaders to restore faith in our institutions.

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  • America is at a crossroads.

    Trust in our nation’s most fundamental institutions is crumbling. People have lost faith in government, media, corporations, schools, and even their houses of worship. The level of mistrust is growing and threatening to undermine our basic values. We are in the midst of a national moment.

    These challenges are often escalated by a lack of leadership, poor governance, excessive partisanship, and preconceived agendas that do not allow for new ideas, differing opinions, or varying perspectives to emerge to address common challenges, causing further public alienation. 

    In the face of extraordinary global challenges, promoting collaboration between institutions, restoring trust in them, and cultivating the next generation of leaders—could not be more critical. But no single institution can confront these challenges alone.

    "We are at a pivotal time in history. We won't solve our problems without leadership and community. The Baker Center provides innovative approaches to get beyond the classroom to develop trust and build leaders."

    Michael Bailey, Interim Dean, McCourt School of Public Policy

    We’re in This Together

    A new center at Georgetown within the Institute of Politics and Public Service at the McCourt School of Public Policy, the Baker Center for Leadership & Governance brings together stakeholders from government, business, nonprofits, education, and faith-based institutions to tackle social, political, and policy challenges and begin the important work of restoring faith in our institutions.

    The Baker Center serves as a conduit between society’s core institutions to promote civil dialogue and debate, spur creative thinking and imagination, and inspire a new generation of leadership.

    Through programming like the Baker Innovation Grant, our experiential learning opportunities, our skills-building clinics and the cross-sector Baker Forum, the Baker Center seeks to:

    • Convene the leaders of today and tomorrow to incubate ideas and explore areas for action on social, political, and policy challenges
    • Challenges students to put their solutions for policy problems into action
    • Cultivate the next generation of leaders by giving them the skills and tools to be more effective in today’s complex world

    By activating these institutions and students and by providing a platform for dialogue and collaboration, we can move the needle on social, political and policy challenges and repair some of the damage done. It is time to embrace our collective role and responsibility in effective governance. Join us.