The Baker Forum

Global gatherings of leaders, thinkers and doers
designed to produce industry-driven action items to affect change.

Moving beyond conversation to action

Convening leaders from government, business, nonprofits, academia, and faith-based institutions, the Baker Forum leverages their combined experiences and resources to evaluate and respond to a policy challenge, identifying and executing on solutions to improve society for all.

"The Baker Forum attracts agenda-setting groups of experts who come up with tangible policy solutions, informed by research, to some of our world’s most critical challenges. The Baker Center supports the development and promotion of leadership that cuts across institutions and party lines."

Edward Montgomery, Dean, McCourt School of Public Policy

Signature Event

There are a lot of events in Washington, DC and beyond featuring well-meaning leaders talking about affecting change. The Baker Forum is different.

Our Forums represent the culmination of the year-long programming of the Baker Center and the exploration of a challenging issue of our time. Our cross-institutional partners gather and commit to taking real steps toward a solution so we can move the needle, and embrace our role in effective governance.

Most importantly, the Forums are a public display of our institutions’ commitment to doing what is right and good, to doing their part to improve society. The restoration of this lost faith is the real work of the Baker Center.

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