Georgetown Baker Negotiation Network

Building Bridges, Building Leadership

The Georgetown Baker Negotiation Network is an interdisciplinary platform for graduate students to develop a diverse skill set in negotiation and conflict resolution and to build relationships with high-level practitioners in the areas of policy, advocacy, business and diplomacy.

Learning through Action

Through clinics and direct engagement with practitioners, students develop analytical and practical skills in negotiation and dispute resolution while contributing to the resolution of real-world challenges.



Skill Building Clinics

Skill Building Clinics introduce analytical frameworks and practical tools through topics such as negotiation fundamentals, interpersonal barriers to reaching agreement, and crisis leadership.



Negotiation and Diplomacy Dinner Series

Negotiation and Diplomacy Dinners offer intimate learning opportunities with subject matter experts on international and domestic conflict resolution and multi-stakeholder consensus building. Previous topics include Diplomacy in the Absence of Force and Reflections on the Iran Nuclear Agreement.



Career Events

Career events create opportunities for students to network with negotiation and dispute resolution practitioners from government, business and nonprofit organizations. Check out Careers in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution, one of last year’s networking events.


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